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Using your PC as an Electronic Music Stand !                                  

   When you purchase a GateWay Editions CD-ROM, you

not only get unlimited printable copies for yourself and your students, you get the means to make ANY laptop PC or desktop PC with a

remote screen into a digital music tablet with NO additional investment!  

   First, insert the CD into the diskdrive, and open the folder and

specific file that has the piece you want to play. Adobe Reader (c)

will open the file. Press cntrl / shift and the + or - key to turn the

image sideways. Then press cntrl / L to choose the "Library"

viewing mode. The music will appear on your laptop screen sideways, which will allow for the appearance of a standard size piece of paper. 

   Then, all you do is turn the laptop on its side, fan facing away from any blockage, and place it on the music desk instead of the printed score!  The real magic begins after Page 1. All you need to do to turn the page forward is give the spacebar a tap! Voila! Page 2 is now in view. To tab backwards, for a written repeat, or just to begin again, use the left-ward facing or Back arrow key. 

   If you want a hands-free page turn system, you can purchase a two- pedal footswitch that is designed specifically to operate like the arrow keys. A USB port is all that is required. Plug it in, tap one side for forward, and the other side for backwards. Never again will your performance or practise be needlessly interrupted by poor layouts, repeats, or even ordinary pageturning!


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