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GateWay Editions is Classical Sheet Music for...

The Aspiring Artist. It is an entry into classical masterworks edited and arranged for the average hand and technique. This aspect is the essence of my work. Much classical music was composed for a large hand, often by pianist-composers whose own hands were large. I myself do not possess a significant handspan, and so my desire to have playable, but FULL-LENGTH, original key versions of many compositions led me on a journey of exploration and discovery.

   This catalog has been created over the last 10 years to meet not only the needs of teachers and students, but players at all levels who want music with excellent visual and technical clarity, as well as better ease of playing. To this end I have engineered my editions with a specific set of criteria.

  All my settings avoid solid 10ths, and use rhythms that emphasize when notes BEGIN, using fewer ties and phrase marks that obscure the actual pitches and rhythms.I label all pitches that are 3 or more ledger lines above or below either clef, as many teachers and students would. I do NOT use ANY clef changes in the middle of a measure. They are exclusively at the beginning of a measure.

  I use key changes for significant portions of a composition that may be replete with accidentals in the original, so that the page is clearer, but the notes remain the same. Also,I have made the distribution of notes between the hands more visually distinct, by putting high notes in the upper clef, and lower ones on the lower. A stems up-RH, stems down-LH system is also used throughout the catalog. I have also taken away much of the crossing of hands and thumbs, keeping the composer's original notes, yet making them easier to identify and play. There is some re-distribution of notes between the hands,and some re-voicing of chords. Melodic changes are strictly avoided, and basslines are kept to the original as well.

  Often, previous editors have used obscure or inaccurate spellings for both melodies and harmonies. I have paid special attention to this, so that chords and scales that are familiar LOOK that way. See the SamplesPage!